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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently presents a research which implies that a lot of number of vehicles used by teenagers are not protected by crash due to the lacking of important safety technology. It is the first time that IIHS has compiled a comprehensive list of recommended SUVs for especially for Teens.

IIHS generally provides rating for newly launched vehicles but for many people these new vehicles like TOP SAFETY PICK don’t fit in their budget. In one of the surveys directed for IIHS of teenager’s parents, more than eighty percent of parents bought used vehicles instead of going after the new ones.

Taking this into this consideration, IIHS has done a wonderful job by compiling a list of inexpensive used SUVs meeting essential safety measures for teen agers. In this article I’d specifically list down the SUVs with the price ranging below $10000 so as to make it easy for parents to choose the car as per their budget limitation.

Another IIHS research shows that most of the teenagers who lost their lives in crashes are in numbers as compare to adults who have been behind the wheel of small and older cars.
Here follows the four chief doctrines upon which the recommendations on teen vehicle are established:
•    Never allow young teenagers to drive high horsepower cars. Vehicle with highly configured engines even temp adults to test the limits, so what could be expect from a young blood?

•    The probability of crash goes down to zilch in case of Bigger and Heavier SUVs. If you go through the compiled list recommended by IIHS, you will not find a single minicar or small car. Instead you will see some small SUVs because their mass is almost equivalent to that of common a midsize vehicle.

•    ESC is a requisite. This is a must feature which assists driver to uphold control of the SUV on turning points and slippery paths. This reduces the risk the way safety belts do so.

Choose the most SAFETY rated SUVs. Make sure that your chosen SUV pass the moderate overlap front test offered by IIHS. As far as the side crash test is concerned, the rating should at least be acceptable. I’d prefer the SUV with at least 4 star ratings from the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Pricing and Safety Features

In the survey for determining the pricing slab of vehicles it can be seen that the average purchase cost for SUVs for teens was round $9,800. And on the hand the medium level cars was only $5300. There are plenty of options for under $10,000 to choose from the recommended list, however, you could find only three SUVs in the list which was under $5,300. According to Anne McCartt (IIHS Senior VP), it is less likely to acquire a safe vehicle at a price most people would easily afford to pay. However, she advised parents to consider paying for those safe SUVs for their teens instead of risking their lives with small cars.

IIHS had made sure that each used SUVs they recommended have ESC as mandatory offering satisfactory protection in all type of crashes.

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